lunedì 3 aprile 2017

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Love KIlls
SamPoses Square 1 Event april


Hair:Tableau Vivant
Hairplay - Front Blow - Natural dye
Tableau Vivant

Insurgent Warrior . Bracer Female Gold
Insurgent Warrior . Collar Gold
Insurgent Warrior . Pauldron Female Gold
NC] Noble Creations

#1 Blueberry - Iconic Doll - Wings - Gold / RARE
#25 Blueberry - Iconic Doll - Body Chain - Maitreya
Alchemy - The Wilds - Horns - Fire
LYBRA .Good Girl Bra Red
LYBRA .Good Girl Skirt RARE
LYBRA .Good Girl Stockings Red
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feel free to im me (christiana1 resident) ♥
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Body+Shape+Skin+Head: Altamura
"DANTE" mesh body headless
"ALVIN" BENTO mesh head 
"ALVIN" shape
"Aries" tone BODY  skin 
Altamura for Black Fair start 07th april 
Altamura Main Store 

OutFit:  ::GB::
Armour Gorget Collar  Collar Black
Gladiator Belt Black
Gladiator Pants  Black
Gladiator Boots  Black

Location: Once Upon A FairyTale @ Cape Juniper

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