mercoledì 15 febbraio 2017

Sudden Hunger ... ♥

Shelf Sausage Cheese ( 1 pose animated )
Shelf oil and jam (static )
Kitchen ELENA 
Turn your imagination into reality with the kitchen ELENA
a lot (225!) of single and couple animations!
7 DECOR MENU: hood, glass cases, shelf above sink
Change Textures Menu: 10 wood shades, 9 wood pastel shades,10 marble, 4 fabric
225 animation: 43 single, 41 couple, 50 sex


OutFit:  EC 
Nunsiata Pantsuit Pale Dogwood 
Emerald Couture Mainstore

Sanskriti - Silver Ring 1/2/3/+Armlet

Kitties: JIAN 
Curious Kitties :: Betta Bowl (gacha)

Stopper Window: 220ML
220ML - Stopper Window [ Yellow - Full Stopper ]

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